Oxford Family Guide + Activity Book

Embark on an exciting adventure through the historic city with the Oxford Family Guide & Activity Book – a delightful and interactive way to explore and learn about the wonders of Oxford.

This user-friendly guide is designed for the entire family, presenting information in a light-hearted and engaging format. Packed with essential details about the city’s centre, it highlights key points of interest and offers a plethora of activities for everyone.

Challenge yourself with quizzes, explore phonics for tricky Oxford words, and indulge your creativity with two postcards to colour in. The book also includes stickers and a map for an immersive experience. Plus, upon completion, receive a certificate attesting to your newfound knowledge!

Innovative, attractive, and enjoyable, this paperback guide spans 44 pages and measures 210mm x 148mm. Make learning about Oxford a memorable experience with the Oxford Family Guide & Activity Book – an ideal companion for curious minds of all ages.