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Are you part of the illustrious Oxford University community, or an alum reflecting on your academic years at one of the esteemed 43 colleges of Oxford University? If so, you’ll appreciate the sentiment and pride that comes with adorning apparel and accessories showcasing your college’s insignia. At Varsity Shop, we understand this sentiment and offer a comprehensive online and retail shopping experience for Oxford College Clothing and Accessories.


Unveiling Oxford College Clothing and Accessories

Oxford College Crew Necks

Dive into comfort and style with our Individual Classic College Crew Neck Sweatshirts. Crafted in Navy Blue and adorned with your college crest, these crew necks are a hallmark of collegiate pride. If you seek a different hue, explore our custom order section to find your perfect fit.

Oxford College Hoodies

Snuggle into warmth and school spirit with our Individual Classic College Hoodies. These Navy Blue hoodies, featuring your college crest, embody the essence of your academic journey. For a personalised touch in colour, browse our custom order section and choose a hue that resonates with you.

Oxford College Scarves

Wrap yourself in tradition and elegance with our striped college scarves, adorned with your college crest. These scarves are more than just accessories; they symbolise the unity and camaraderie within the Oxford academic community.

Oxford College Ties

Elevate your style with our Individual Oxford University College Ties & Bow Ties, available in Crested and Striped designs, crafted in both Silk and Polyester. Choose the one that resonates with your style and proudly exhibit your academic affiliation.

Oxford College Cufflinks

Our Oxford College Bar Cufflinks are a timeless piece of memorabilia to cherish your time at Oxford. Whether adorning them for special events or incorporating them into your daily wear, these cufflinks encapsulate the prestige and honour of an Oxford education.

Oxford College Baseball Caps

Shield yourself from the sun while exuding college pride with our Individual Navy College Cap, embroidered with your College Crest. It’s more than a cap; it’s a statement of your academic journey.

Oxford College Pin Badges

Wear your Oxford College badge with pride, showcasing your academic affiliation. Our individual College enamel Pin Badges are a subtle yet significant way to display your connection to one of Oxford’s prestigious colleges.

Oxford College Mugs

Sip your favourite beverage from our official ceramic Oxford College mugs, embellished with your chosen crest on both sides. Each sip will remind you of the knowledge and memories you’ve acquired during your time at Oxford.

Oxford College Wall Plaques

Personalise your space with our individual Oxford College Wall Plaques, celebrating your academic journey and the institution that helped shape it. These plaques encapsulate the essence of your college’s rich history.

Oxford College Keyrings

Carry a piece of your academic journey wherever you go with our individual College Keyrings. Each keyring is a testament to your association with a prestigious Oxford College.


Understanding Oxford’s College Heritage

Oxford University comprises 43 colleges, including five permanent private halls, each with a unique history and character. These colleges, deeply ingrained in academia and tradition, are small, multidisciplinary communities hosting students, academic staff, and administrative personnel. While they share common values and objectives, each college has a distinct identity rooted in its own history. We will cover all of the colleges in the coming months but for the time being we will discuss the following four.

Balliol College

Balliol College, founded in 1263, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest colleges at Oxford. With a rich history and notable alumni, including British Prime Ministers and Nobel laureates, Balliol continues to shape academic discourse and produce outstanding scholars.

Magdalen College

Founded in 1458, Magdalen College is renowned for its picturesque setting along the Cherwell River. It boasts a magnificent deer park and is famous for its tradition of welcoming the dawn of May Day with choristers singing from the top of the Magdalen Tower.

Trinity College

Trinity College, established in 1555, stands as a testament to academic excellence and tradition. Its esteemed alumni include renowned philosophers, scientists, and writers. The college’s commitment to scholarly pursuits continues to shine through its academic programs and research contributions.

St John’s College

St John’s College, founded in 1555, is known for its stunning architecture and gardens. It has produced notable alumni like Nobel laureates and former Prime Ministers. The college’s beautiful surroundings and academic rigor make it a sought-after institution within Oxford.


Embrace Your Academic Journey

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