Graduation Hire – Masters

Hire your Oxford University Masters, MA Gown for 2024/2025 Graduation with The Varsity Shop.

A full-style gown made from black polyester spun weft, reaching below the calf of the wearer. It has a full gathered yoke behind with a crescent-shaped cut at the bottom. The sleeves are closed with an opening at the elbow.

The hood is of Dean Burgon shape, and is made from black polyester and lined with crimson.

Below you will be able to select your graduation date, height and head size.

We also offer our MA gowns in 4 bundle options:

Hood only

Gown only

Gown and hood

Gown, hood and mortar board

Collections can be made the day prior to graduation or the day of. All hired items should be returned on the day or the day after.


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