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We believe that when it comes to Oxford gowns and robes, The Varsity Shop offer a completely unparalleled rental service, and with our price pledge you can be sure you can't rent for less anywhere else in Oxford!

Should you have any questions about our rental service or queries regarding the correct robes and gowns for your graduation, then email us on
and we'll do our best to help, with no commitment to rent your gown or robe from us.

Should you already have decided to book your gown or robe through The Varsity Shop, then fill out the booking form and we will have all of the information which we need to ensure that you are wearing the correct robe or gown.

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It's possible to reserve your robes / gowns in a number of ways:

  1. Book via email
  2. Book by telephone +44 (0)1865 244000
  3. Book by fax +44 (0)1865 201500
  4. Book by post
  5. Book in person, call in to the shop and one of our
     staff will be happy to make a reservation for you.

*A 5.00 deposit is required when hiring any of the items marked with an aterisk. This will be refunded in full on the return of the hire. Daily hire rate is chargeable when the goods are hired for the day and collected and returned by the hirer the same day or day after.


Robes and Gowns
available for rental
Price for
DAILY hire.

Doctors Robe & Bonnet

Doctors Robe & Cap

Doctors Robe

Doctors Hood

Doctors Habit


Lace Gown, Hood & Cap

Lace Gown & Hood

Lace Gown

Bachelors Hood Higher Degrees

MA or BA Gown, Hood & Cap

MA or BA Gown & Hood

MA or BA Hood

MA or BA Gown*

Commoners Gown*

Graduate Gown*

Scholars Gown*